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Friday, November 10, 2006


Eddie's son, Wolfie, replaces Michael as VH bassist.

I guess we can only hope Valerie doesn't get the Vocalist slot.

Eddie Van Halen is as insane as Kim Jong Il. I don't care if Lil' Wolfie plays like Flea on Steriods, it's Micheal Anthony's AND DLR's vocals that provide the bands distinct sound.

What a fucking moron.
Replace? Installed is more like it.

Maybe they should rename the band "Van Halen and Son"
...or, 'The Van Halens'
To bad for Michael Anthony. This guy had the absolutely sweetest phone-it-in job in all of rock and roll. Score one more for nepotism.
Well, I don't think he was ousted by the VH brothers, I think he got sick of the BS that constantly flowed from camp VH.

Michael probaly likes the DLR records better too.
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