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Thursday, November 16, 2006

AND THEY'RE OFF..........

John McCain would be my number one pick right now, he may piss me off, and slip down a notch or two, but as a serious contender, he's the only one who has declared intent that I trust not to fuck up the nation.

Barack is just not ready. I like him, I like his future, but he needs to be patient and work the Hill (all puns intended) a little while longer.

Absolutely not. Not ever. Maybe Cheif of Staff, or Attorney General, but never Commander in Cheif. Rudy is a Nazi of the highest order. He invented the term 'racial profiling'.

Oh Al, if only you'd come back. He probably won't, which is why McCain tops the list.

Hillary, you make a great politicain, like silly puddy you are. President?Nope. Maybe VP to McCain if your ego and ambition would allow it, but I can't see America giving you their trust.

John Edwards. I like him. Another good VP candidate, but I don't think he's got the pull for the run for the top spot.

Ummm. McCain is a Republican & Hillary is a Democrat..If it were 1800, maybe it would work having people from two separate parties as Prez & Vice Prez, but not now.
Ummmmm, duh.

Dreaming big is what I do, remember, I'm a Jets fan.
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