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Thursday, November 16, 2006


For the world beyond New York, Chad has meant next to nothing. An injury laden also-ran with a 'water pistol' arm.

I wonder if any of these people remember the first few years of Joe Montana's career - injuries, doubt, and mixes results. Bret Favre was a slow starter as well, but hardly anybody remembers his time in Atlanta.

What Chad does have is smarts, determination, and a cool head. He reminds me of the fore-mentioned Montana, and another New York favorite - Phil Simms.

Chad gets the job done. He doesn't force the big play. Most importantly, Chad understands ball control, and working the clock.

Look at what he did last week against New England.

"The Jets held the ball for 9:12 in a magnificent 16-play, 81-yard drive that gave them a 7-3 lead in the second quarter. They used up 6:40 in a 15-play, 45-yard drive that led to a third-quarter field goal and a 10-6 advantage." - Newsday

"Controlling the football and keeping the defense off the field is demoralizing to your opponent," Pennington said.

Hell yeah.

I've said it before, but allow me to repeat myself. The only reason the Jets aren't 9-0 is because they haven't found replacements for Curtis Martin and Wayne Chrebet.

Kevan Barlow, Derrick Blaylock, and Leon Washington are good utility players, but ball control begins on the ground, and Curtis is sorely missed. Like my other all time favorite Running Back, John Riggins, he was an automatic 4 yard gain.

The Jets need a new Tight End as well. The likes of Chrebet are hard to come by, and though Chris Barker is tough like Shockey, he doesn't have the hands, or the ability to make plays like Wayne or Jeremy.

Chad is working miracles with what he's got, but what he's got is the ability to make miracles happen, and I need a miracle.......Every Sunday.

I totally jinxed my man. If I had only kept my mouth shut....
Every Cowboy hating loser needs to bow down NOW. You may kiss all five of the Superbowl rings.
Sorry - your guys gotta make it all the way before I even consider giving them any props.
The Cowboys still suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Colts O line all had colds yesterday. The Cowboys very much suck.
4 out of 5 agree....

I am happy the Colts lost.

It was a wacky week.
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