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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Our cable went out two weeks ago. We've called Cablevision a bizillion times. Finally, last Saturday a Cable Guy showed up. We traced the line that goes into our house back into our neighbor's back yard, to find - A Cornfield!

Behind a fence, in back of the corn, in a totally inaccessible place is the pole where the line meets a junction box that feeds four times the number of homes than it should.

The Cable Guy was aghast. So was I. He asked for a supervisor to come assess the problem. I agreed. Well we've been waiting almost a week now for that to happen. Somebody was supposed to come out this morning, but they had to re-schedule. Go figure.

Cablevision - you're infrastructure is fucked. Spend some of the gazillion dollars you take from us for your shitty service, and send some crews out to fix this shit. TODAY.

What you have there is a classic example of wide spread cable theft, hence why the doofus cable guy had to call his supervisor.

I heard the policy that Nancy Polosi is proposing on Capitol Hill is that since you can't stop the flood of cable theives unless you spend a large sum of money to secure the lines, that everybody should just be allowed to steal it, even if it means ruining it for those who actaully pay for the service. She just wanted to make sure it was consistant with her immigration policy:-)

I hope it's fixed before Sunday.

Serious option, You could go dish and get the NFL ticket...
Actually, however much I hate to burst your bubble, it's not a theft issue, it's a Cablevision fuck-up. They send out their guys to hook up new customers and ignore the growing problem until they run into situations like mine where they are forced to put up amplifiers and new junction boxes and whatnot. The guy who came by was smart enough to see that there was no more room at the inn, and also smart enough not put his life in danger by attempting to navigate a horrific OSHA nightmare.
I've got an inline cable amplifier if you want it. They left it here after their 90th attempt to fix our eight month long problem of digital dropout. We were having similar issues with an equally inept cable provider.
In this case, I think the Fred Wilsons of the world have the answer. Once we're all WiFi, we won't need the stinking spaghetti junction boxes, we'll get our TV beamed in from the ether.
Hey, that sounds like a job for you actually....
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