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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Tomorrow morning, after the celebrations, with hangovers in tow, the newly empowered Democratic party has a lot of work to do.

This is nothing new, but it's worse this time.

Reagan/Bush left us deeply in debt, and, fortunately, we had a capable leader in Bill Clinton, who was able to put us back in the black - even with a Republican Revolution happening during his second term.

The GOP loves to call the Dems 'tax and spend liberals'. Well the fact is we have to tax to pay back the incredible deficits left by the real big spenders - the Republicans.

What's worse; tax and spend, or spend and spend?

As I mentioned, it's worse this time. Bush/Cheney has left us even deeper in debt than Ronnie could have ever imagined - I don't think he could count that high.

And it's more than money.

In 2000 the people elected Al Gore, but somehow a coup happened (thanks Jeb), and Bush got in anyway. Had Al taken office, he would have began sweeping, radical changes in the way we live and work - necessary changes.

I am talking about the environment, of course.

That's a huge hole that needs to be fixed - NOW.

There was no way Bush and his oil cronies would have done squat about global warming - they don't care for two reasons:

a) They care more about the short term financial gains.
b) They are end-timers who believe we have begun the final battle referred to in the Bible as Armageddon, in other words, they don't see us living another fifty years anyway.

SO - while your knocking back your justly deserved celebratory cocktails tonight, give a pause, and think about how we can turn this mess around.

I will refrain from addressing your inacuracies in your post and will say this and only this as I did after the presidential elections of two years ago...

You are foolish to beleive that the Democratic politicians are any more capable than the GOP politicians. You are foolish to believe that this will result in some huge change. It won't.

Having said that, I'm glad that balance has been restored and we won't be discussing stupid shit like ID, Terri Schivo, and all the other right wingnut shit that the GOP hung their hats on. I am also glad that it forced Rummy's resignation. He had clearly lost all cred with the boots on the ground troops and many others up the chain and the president owes it to those men and women to make sure the best ideas are heard and supported even if it means change.

Make no mistake about it: They will be "Democrats oil cronies" someday.
"Inacuracies"? I think you mean Inaccuracies. That's more accurate.

Like what? Are you going to say we are not in debt. That there is no global warming? Are you going to say that were weren't in debt in 92? That we weren't out of debt by 98? That somebody else was president during those years?

More fool you.

I think you need to get your head out of the gulf and look around you.
Like I said, keep fooling yourself if it makes you feel better. The GOP created global warming, that's a good one. Oh, BTW I've got some great property on the Greenland ice sheet you may be interested in.

We WERE in debt '92. We brought the USSR to it's knees with what we spent the money on. Deny it if you must. We were STILL in debt in 98, just knocking away at it better on account of a once in a millineum market boom commonly refered to as the dot com boom/bust. The economy is NOT what you voted for anyway given the FACT that you understand less about it than I do, and that ain't much. Besides, I give Clinton his feduciary props, but also know he served at a different, if not more opportune, time in history.

BTW, I do have much concern about global warming, I'm just not going to flap my wings and act like the sky is falling and that Al fucking Gore, the man who invented the internet, has all the answers.
Well I never said the GOP was responsible for Global Warming, though I do thing they act irresponsibly toward the looming threat.

And, like it or not, Al was a key figure in bringing the internet to fruition, which made the dot com boom possible - what have your guys done lately?

You sound like your buddy Rove.
If you think Carl Rove is my buddy, or are insinutating that I share some deep political philosphy with him than I have to beleive that you really don't listen much to what I have said. That you can't or won't make a distinction is disappointing.
I'm just slinging back the B.S. that your trying to toss in my lap. Look at the insinuations you've made here - mess with the bull, you get the Rove.
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