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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Readers of this blog know I oppose the proposed 'Mexican Fence'. They most likely also know that Tony Alva is pro-fence. Tony and I have talked off-line as well, and I understand his concerns, and they are well founded. I just disagree with the method of fixing the problem.

This Texas town has gone about it in a way that I consider less offensive.

A wall barrier makes us no better than the Soviets, and, historically speaking is no solution at all. Hadrian's wall, the Great Wall of China - not effective. The Berlin Wall sure kept folks in, but then again, it only covered half the circumference of Berlin - a city, not 2,000 miles of national border, - 2,000 miles of sparsely populated country.

The citizens of San Diego will tell you that a wall does not stop illegal immigration.

What will?

Some will say nothing, but tough legislation concerning landlords and employers, and increased INS activity will slow it down some. Maybe long enough for us to focus on the real problems we face concerning the natural enviroment and spiraling national debt - oh yeah, and the situation with Islamozealotry.

I endorse this solution as well.

It has had positive results everywhere it has been adopted. I wish I could link to some of the things my county is doing that are being reported in the paper recently, but the AJC sucks at posting archives for the individual county sections of the paper. Needless to say, the politicians are responding, just hope they can sustain the effort.
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