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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Jets, Jets, Jets!



Most awesome upset!!! I would love to see them carry the momentum through and win a couple more tough ones to build playoff cred.

Big week/weekend for upsets. As we wake this Monday morning, The Univesity of New Jersey is 9-0 has the number six slot in the BCS, and is ranked as high as 7 (AP Poll). That's right, Rutgers who Army would put on their schedule as a homecoming cupcake is undefeated and taking down big scores. Looking for a Rutgers jersey for xmas from my in-laws.

Texas got taken out by Kansas and fucking Wake Forest rolled over the FSU criminoles. If Rutgers wasn't stealing all the underdog love with thier undefeated status right now, the big story in college football would be Wake with only one loss (to Clempson in the last few minutes of the game).

I love the underdog!
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