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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


O.J. is officially around the bend.

I wonder what his kids think of their murderer dad who killed their mom. I couldn't beleive it when I heard the story this morning on the news. Incredible ass.
Tony, unless you were there you can't say that O.J. did it. If you know for sure, you should have testified.Shame on you for not helping bring him to justice! It's interesting how people swear that they know for sure he did it...

Are you serious? I don't care if the dude rushed for 50,000 yards and scored 10,000 touchdowns he's a class A piece of guilty shit.

"It's interesting how people swear that they know for sure he did it..."

Yep, because most people can read, have the ability to reason, and can easily determine based of evidentiary facts that the fucktoid killed his wife and her boyfriend in a maniacal fit of jealous rage despite the bungling by the prosecution in the criminal case.

Likes the Dallas Cowboys, thinks OJ is actually innocent. Hmmmmm…
Nice try Tony, I don't know if he's innocent or not...neither do you. Obviously one group of people found him not guilty. I don't give a flying phuck about O.J's football stats, but the man was found "NOT GUILTY". There was plenty of evidence in the Rodney King case (video phucking tape) and the cops got off...So where was the "ability to reason" and shit?
It is obvious that:

1)Cops clubbed Rodeny King
2)OJ offed his ex-wife and her companion
3)LA is no place for a fair trail
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