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Thursday, November 09, 2006


So long Curtis. The NFL's 4th all-time leading rusher, and the most prolific yardage earner in the backfield for most of the past ten years is officially out for the season, and it doesn't look like he'll be back.

Most of you will say this common knowledge - but us true Jet fans held out an inkling of hope, until last week when it was announced.

What does this mean for the Jets.


J. E. T. S. Jets, Jets, Jets!

The Jets will destroy the Pats this week. It's a foregone conclusion. Brady was humiliated last week, and will crumble under the Jets pass rush led by Johnathan Vilma.

Baltimore beats Tennessee
Indy beats Buffalo
Cleveland loses in ATL
Green Bay loses in Minnesota
Houston Loses in Jacksonville
KC wins in Miami
Jets win in New England
San Diego loses in Cincinnati
San Fran loses in Detroit
Washington loses in Philly (Sorry Jennifer)
Denver wins in Oakland
Dallas wins in Arizona
New Orleans wins in Pittsburgh
St. Louis loses in Seattle
Chicago loses to the New York Football Giants
Tampa loses to the Panthers

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