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Monday, November 27, 2006


What the F@ck? When I left my house at the start of the 4th quarter, everything was hunky dory in the land of the Giants. By the time I got to the studio, the score had changed from a nice 21-0 lead over the Titans, to 21-7. I made another quick jaunt to go pick up a keyboard at a friend's house a few blocks away, by the time I was returning the score was tied 21-21. What the f@ck?

How long does it take a New York football team to fall apart?

15 minutes.

I heard Shockey shot the whole team in their sleep last night.

And then there's the Jets!

Zero fumbles.
Zero INTs.
1 penalty in the 55th minute of the game.

Mistake free ball wins games.

Oh, and uh, scoring points.....
....and, uh, keeping the other team from scoring.

And the Saints! Deuce!

Brees with another stellar performance.

I smell playoffs!

I very much look forward to watching Dallas lose to the loser Giants next week.

The Giants meltdown was epic. I'm glad I didn't have to watch it. The Falcons proved again my postion that they have NO recievers to throw to past Crmpler at tightend. The Saints were NOT good, but the Falcons were worse. Giving up the halftime hail Mary was pathetic and a game winner for the Aint's.

I wish we got the Jets game here. It would have been nice to see them beat a team they way you're supposed to.

How the Bears could lose that game to the Cowboys East is mistifying.

The Terps lost to Wake. They scored points, but Wakes totally fucked up option offense and that FRESHMAN quarterback just ran all over them. Wake WILL beat Georgia Tech next week for the ACC title. GT gets handed their hat for the sixth year in a row by their rival UGA in an embarrassing display of QB bufoonery.

The good news was that Army didn't lose this weekend.

Okay, they were off preparing to lose to Navy for the billionth year in row, but they didn't lose.
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