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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Jackson doesn't watch a whole lot of 60 Minutes. In fact I avoid network programming like the plague - with the noted exception of NFL games. Mostly, I found 60 Minutes a bit sanctimonious, but Ed was different. Ed was cool. I liked him, he wore his liberal status, not on his sleeve, but on his ear-lobe. Mostly I felt that Ed was giving us the straight dope. About shit that mattered, about shit we could do something about.

I know I'll miss him. I know 60 Minutes will. I now have no reason at all to tune in. What I didn't know was how acclaimed he was in his profession. His list of awards is astounding.

So long Ed.

I will truly missed Ed. I grew up on 60 minutes. Ed was the coolest. I was not only sadden by this news but also very shock. I watch Ed doing his thing regarding the Duke Rape scandal. Ed was still the man. I am truly disappointed that he will no longer be with me on election night praying to God that the Blue states bring home a national victory!
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