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Monday, November 27, 2006


Released in February of 1977, the first Peter Gabriel solo record established the former Genesis singer as an artist in his own right.

Enlisting Bob Ezrin as producer was a smart move, and it had at least one lasting effect on Peter - the introduction to Bassist and freakazoid Tony Levin.

Bob had been using Tony on his Alice Cooper sessions, and he brought him along to the sessions in Toronto for this classic LP. Bob also brought noted Alice/Lou session axe-men Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner. These two guitar legends lend the classic lead work on such tunes as 'Slowburn' and 'Here Comes The Flood'.

The addition of Robert Fripp and his Frippertronics give the album other guitar textures not found in the classic rock lexicon.

'Wet Car' is a collection of eclectic tunes ranging from soaring hard rock (Modern Love) to barber shop quartet (Excuse Me) and everything in between.

Much more realized and rooted than his last LP with Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway), the first Peter Gabriel album shows Peter getting his feet wet in different styles, and preparing his way for the development of the 'Peter Gabriel Sound', which would solidify over the next two records, culminating on his third LP, also titled Peter Gabriel, but known to some as 'Melting Face', or the 'Games Without Frontiers' album.

There is one other notable after effect of the first Gabriel record. Roger Waters loved it, and hence, brought in Toronto Bob to co-produce The Wall.

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