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Friday, November 03, 2006


At a recent stump in Missouri, Prez says to Dems: what's your plan for Iraq?

I'll tell you mine.

1) Vote out the Hawks
2) Get Al back
3) Repair international relations
4) Form international force and intelligence agency to deal with Islamoterrorism and the spread of Fundamental Islam into Africa and Indonesia.

5) Pay back China the gazillion dollars the GOP has borrowed
6) Start fixing the more pressing issue of the planet Earth fixing to die, or at least shed itself of our annoying presence upon it (see number two).

What's yours?

1. Pimpslap GW
2. Hire Mike Tyson to punch Cheney in the chest.
3. Paint The White House Purple
4. Make electric cars the standard
5. Pimpslap GW again
6. Destroy Haliburton, donate all of their money to the homeless.
1. Vote out religious zealots and their influence.

2. Crush Islamofacism and it's oppressive society which commits human atrocities on the scale of the 3rd Richt, especially against it's own women by killing every last one of'em since there's no other option.

3. Stop run away illegal immigration.

4. Create a real solution for Iraq.

5. Send the Dallas Cowboy's over to Spain to play soccer.
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