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Saturday, January 06, 2007

HAPPY (insert holiday)!!!

Have you all abonded me, weary reader? Did I forsake thee?


Sorry about that.

Gosh, so much to talk about.


Mangini is GOD.

Dallas sucks.

The Giants suck, and don't deserve to lose later today to the Eagles.......but if they win, OH HELLS YEAH!

Nick Saban is all about Nick Saban. He was like that when he was eleven and lived down the street from me, with his rich-daddy bad-ass moto-cross bike with double goose-neck handlebars - fuck you Nick.

I can't be a Miami fan due to my Jets affiliation (Go Jets!), but I feel bad for Miami fans, like my imminent Father In-Law.

Guys like him deserve better than the likes of Nick Saban, his empty promises, and complete lack of honor and loyalty.

I watched the Jets/Miami game with the Legal Diva's father. It was a hard game for everybody concerned.

I am very excited, as you might expect, about the Jets, and their season of wonder.


The Legal Diva and I drove down to Charleston, from whence she came, for the Christamas Holiday. We drove many miles,

took many photos,

ate wonderful meals,

saw wonderful places,

spent quality time with family,

and friends.

We had a wonderful time.


The Studio has been rocking as well these past weeks with visits from:

Chan Chandler

Tony Alva

Geek Farm

As well as Silk Sheets and Just One, Rob Spar, Via Skyway, and Strikes Again (no photo available).

The new Gear (including new mics George got for Christmas) has conspired to make some awesome sounds.


Many were attended.

"Ha Ha, Dallas lost!" - T. Alva

We are very happy.

Hope you are too.

Go Patriots!!!
I hope the Cowboys enjoy the early start to their golf season.
I hope the Jets have some ointment for that butt-raping they just took from the Patriots. Hell, they didn't even get a kiss.
Only those of you who have been in prison would have anything to know about but-raping. Mr Robbie #27K35H.
Man I hope Tony Romo used some of that ointment the way TO was consoling him in the locker room when he was crying like a bitch you could tell a pity fuck was about to go down. Yea I know the “deadskins” only won 5 games but we kick Dallas ass that better then going to the first round of the playoff and losing by a mistake you should not make after the peewee league. It appears a lot of us will be playing golf early this year but Chad and Campbell know where they will be playing next year can TO say the same!
Drunken Fool, nice try...don't quit your day-job. Mangini loves to bring boxers in to talk to his players, maybe instead of Arturro Gatti...he should have brought in Floyd Mayweather Jr! LOL. All Arturro knows how to do against good boxers is get knocked the phuck out. MANGINI is far from GOD. The deadskins weren't even IN the playoffs, Hot Air Brown logic eludes you as usual.
All I know is that nobody expected much from the Jets this year, but we surprised a few, and everybody expected more than they got from the Cowboys.
Jackson, the low expectations of a Jets fan must be genetic at this point. Aren't you tired of saying "we'll get 'em next year"? Lord! Jackson, does anyone ever expect much from the Jets? The Cowboys have set the standard as America's team for being WINNERS...Tony, Drunken Fool, Hot Air Brown and others always want to see the best fall. Here's a boxing analogy for ya...
Cowboys = Muhammed Ali
Deadskins = Joe Frazier
Jets = Buster Douglas
Ah, the logic of the desperate - which is no logic at all, but all bluff and bluster instead.
You must be talkin' about Hot Air Brown right? Because my analogies are dead on (and you KNOW it). I mean come on...The Jets haven't won a Superbowl since Joe Namath was their quarterback...
Dallas like Ali is great and many naysayers wanted him to fail because of his swagger...Deadskins like Frazier brought out the best in Ali (Dallas) and always did damage...The Jets like Buster Douglas won ONE championship and people will always remember Douglas & The Jets for pulling a victory out of their asses when nobody thought it was possible...Douglas, like The Jets...could not repeat the feat. I'm just sayin'....

See my comments over at my blog http://agropragmo.blogspot.com/

Romo is one guy who's pining for the days when stick'um was still legal. I heard TO is dating Bridgette Nielson and they're competing for who's more of a complete whack job on the next VH1's Surreal Life. I'll bet Bridgette caught more passes than TO this year.

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