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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's been a heavy few weeks at Smoke and Mirrors.

We've been working on Tony's Harlan, Chan's musical and Chan's NY Rock LP, putting the finishing touches on the long awaited Geek Farm record, some french Hip Hop, Nadine Miller's new song "Jesse Custer", and a few hours here and there, as it were, working on our own stuff.

Andy Rock came down from Rock Land to join the Surrogate Band for the tracking of three Chan numbers on Saturday, then came back on Monday to do overdubs.

We put his 70's Les Paul, as well as an old Aspen double cut away with crazy DiMarzios through our 65 Bandmaster - oh such sweet sweet tone.

It's all about tone and vibe. The Surrogate Band has great vibe, much of which is supplied by Rob 'Dr. Robert' Machold Drum Genius.

Mike Dot stopped by on Saturday to 'hang around back-stage like a real rock n roller' so we put a bass in his hands for the third Chan tune of the day.

Andy and I vibed on ZZ Top tone.

Chris and I vibed on the 'Nothing's Shcoking' record.

Mike Dot worshipped at the feet of 'Three Days', but i don't dig the tones or vibes on the 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' record. Navarro plugged straight into the board for that record - he doesn't remember it anyway.

George's armies surrounded everybody's armies.

Rock is dead, long live Rock.

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