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Sunday, February 04, 2007



Jackson approved of the Prince half-time show.

Missed it, was driving home to catch the new episode of Rome. I'll check it out on YouTube...
It was Prince and his guitar mostly.
And you said that Rock was dead...
It is.

All due respect to Mr. Rogers, his playing the Super Bowl is a sure sign that I'm right.
So...the fact that he played at the Superbowl proves that Rock is dead? Explain.
Rock is mainstream, Rock is dead, long live Rock.
Ed Sullivan was mainstream too...So was American Bandstand. Rock and Rock n Roll (since you insist on categorizing) must've been dead about 55 years ago.
Very good point. I conceed. The Price thing at least.
Prince - not price - Prince is priceless......anyway, uh....
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