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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I like John Edwards . I like what he says, and I like what he doesn't say. He may very well be lying, if so then I like the way he lies. I certainly prefer it to the non-commital, non-accountable fluff coming from Hillary, and the way Obama has been handling himself only supports my belief that he's a good man who's just not ready yet.

I mean, what's wrong with John - other than he's white, and a man.

John says (about his voting record on the war - and I do paraphrase) 'I made a mistake, I was wrong.'

Hillary says 'I was mislead'.

Obama - I think he was still in college........

I agree with much of what he says, probably more so than any other, but he's just too smarmy. I can't bear it. He's got the Clinton invisible lollipop grip down pat. Ultimately, people will vote on their gut despite any political convictions they may have.

Props for announcing his last candidacy on The Daily Show though.
Good words.
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