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Monday, March 19, 2007


My father offered me a great deal of wisdom. Unfortunately I didn't bite on most of it, but I did take to 007.

I finally got around to seeing 'Casino Royale'. I hope you like the site, I can't enjoy it because I don't have the latest version of Flash. Fortunately the movie is available on DVD, and I can play one of those. It's very good. I was extremely happy with it.

I haven't been able to say that about a Bond film in a long time..

Basically never.

In the mid 70's, when my Father would grant me permission to stay up late to watch 007, all the good Bond flicks had been made and were being televised on Channel 7 (ABC).

The first time I saw Bond in a theater was 'The Man With The Golden Gun' - and though I'm certain I loved it, it's not a good movie. I dig Christopher Lee, and Hervez Villachez, but the movie is crap.

It's predecessor - 'Live and Let Die' was, until now, the last good Bond film.

Roger gets one.

Hell it's not his fault, he didn't write the shitty screenplays for 'Octopussy' and 'Moonraker'. I did see 'A View To A Kill' recently, which I had never bothered with - 'Octopussy' having driven me way beyond the edge - and though Chris Walken is, as always, a God Of The Screen, it's crap as well.

There are no good movies with Grace Jones. That's absolute.

This morning I saw, at long last, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', which is crap as well, but I had to know.

I don't know what was going on in Albert Broccoli's world with that particular movie, but it's not George Lazenby's fault. It seems the world blames George, but I thought he was fine as Bond. The problem with 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' is they strayed too far from the formula. Q barely makes an appearance, and when he does, there's no gadjets, and no chastising Bond for being childish and irresponsible. Bond actually kisses Moneypenny, another no no, and then, at the end of a two and a half hour of boring non-action, Bond marries Diana Rigg. What? Telly Savalas as Ernst Stavro Blofelt? Well I guess with proper evil intent he could have been good, but the evil intent was so vague, I forget what it was. Something about brainwashing a bunch of women.

Anyway, it was bad, George got blamed, and thankfully, they brought back Sean for one more.

'Diamonds Are Forever', and now thanks to some real Bond fans in the Broccoli world, it seems so is Bond.

It's not that I hate Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton. It's simply a climate factor. The producers of those movies were competing with the likes of Schwartznegger and Mission Impossible movies. Bond is a different thing, it's a formula. Loose the formula, you lose the magic.

No good movies with Grace Jones? Boomerang (Eddie Murphy) was a great movie. Grace Jones was in it...Tell Legal Diva that "Boomerang" wasn't a good movie & see what she says.
Crap. It doesn't matter what she thinks, this blog is about what I think, and I saw 'Boomerang' and thought it sucked. I missed Grace, must have been a huge part.
Maybe it's just me and when I first saw it, but I have a thing for For Your Eyes Only.

Btw, hi from Brazil.
LOL. You thought Boomerang sucked? You're definitely entitled to your opinion but maybe I enjoyed it because I could to relate to much of it. You obviously didn't really watch it if you missed Grace Jones' part. I'm not a James Bond fan BTW. A world famous spy? Maybe I should suspend my disbelief or somethin' but the concept is pretty damned stupid.
Well, to be honest I saw 'Boomerang' many, many years ago, maybe I should revisit it.

Bond is not a world famous spy - you must not have seen any of the movies. The premise has nothing to do with his fame, such notorietry obviously would hinder him in the spy game - maybe your confusing the Bond movies with the Austin Powers movies.
I know that the premise has nothing to do with his fame...But I've suffered through a few of those movies and the enemy seems to know who he is...If he's a spy, why would so many "evil" people know him? Sean Connery is a pice of feces (no disrespect to feces). The campy Roger Moore movies seemed like parodies of Bond (Austin Powers didn't have to stretch too much for humor).
What is Grace Jones notable for again? Movies: forgettable. Music: worse than Paris Hilton.
Grace Jones did "Pull Up To The Bumper" with Sly & Robbie & it's a funk classic....She's notable for her modeling.
It is not my intent to bash Grace Jones - I didn't say that it was her fault that the movies she was in sucked - and my revisit of 'Boomerang' is still pending. I do know that 'Conan the Destroyer', and 'View To A Kill' blow.

Her version of 'Demolition Man' I remember to be worthy of praise.

Certainly she freaky.

Freaky is good.
Naw... I was just jivin' papa since I haven't done it in while. I really can't remember much of Ms. Jones body of work other than to recall her in an ad standing next to one of those red Honda scooters that were all the rage back then. The ones Lou Reed did the ads for.

Perhaps we can watch Boomerang when I'm in town.
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