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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Keith Richards Biography

So I missed quite a few, and despite Clarkie's snarky, and unfounded remark, I feel the need to continue with this topic of utmost importance - my Keith Mix.

So as Rod so eloquently let me know, I forgot 'Happy'. That was criminal.

There's a number of other notable tunes, such as 'The Worst' from Voo Doo Lounge, and 'Infamy' off of their latest A Bigger Bang.

Bridges To Babylon has THREE Keith tunes! 'You Don't Have To Mean It', 'How Can I Stop', and 'Thief In the Night'.

Steel Wheels has two; 'Slipping Away', and 'Can't Be Seen'.

And there's another from A Bigger Bang - 'This Place Is Empty'.

In my research I also found another cool split lead vocal with Mick on the recently released Rarities 1971-2003 record called 'Anyway You Look At It' on which, like 'Memory Motel', Keith sings the bridge. It can't go on the mix, but it's a cool track, and I do recommend the Rarities record for many reasons, not the least of which is 'Fancy Man Blues'.

There's also a great version of 'You Win Again' on the Hank Williams tribute record.

Andthen there's these two.

I am digesting this material and will render a final track list.

It's gonna be tough.

Snarky Clarkie... I think I kind of like that moniker. It sounds like a pirate name.
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