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Friday, March 09, 2007


Forget about Van Halen, the reunion to see is the Dio/Sabath tour.

After Tony had Bill fire Ozzy, Sabbath recruited Ronnie James Dio, former singer for Rainbow, and upstate New York resident.

Many traditional Sabbath fans poo poo'd the new Sabbath, and as Ozzy's solo carrer took off, Sabbath's declined, but not after they released two classic metal albums in the early eighties.

1980's 'Heaven and Hell', and 1982's 'Mob Rules' are perfect metal records.

Perfectly evil.

I have no idea what Dio is going on about in classic's like 'Sign Of The Southern Cross' and 'Children Of The Sea', but I know it scares the shit out of me.

That's the genius, the songs evoke an evil that is evident, but not apparent, it's everywhere, doom is imminent, but from where exactly it will come, no one can tell.

"If an echo doesn't answer
When it hears a certain song
Then the beast is free to wander
But never is seen around"

"LOOK OUT! The sky is falling down
LOOK OUT! The world is spinning round and round and round
LOOK OUT LOOK OUT! The sun is going black, black.
LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT! It's never never never coming back"

I never caught the Dio Sabbath back in the day, but close friends who did came back with stories of sheer horror. If nothing else, his considerable vocal talents aside, Dio's commitment to the subject matter is complete. We belive him. Whereas, with Ozzy, we belive his soul is tortured, but we see unerneath lies a gentle being.

Not so with Dio.

He's just plain scary all the way through.

Well said... Caught that line up many times while they were together and they were always great. I saw Dio a couple of years ago as a solo act and he still sounds fantastic having never done the whole drug induced bottom out thing. This will be a great tour. If I can get my ass back to work, we shall go see this show and be scared.
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