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Friday, March 23, 2007


I just watched a Kiss concert from 77 on VH1 Classic.

The program is one hour, so with commercials you're getting forty some odd minutes of actual concert, why then would you waste seven minutes on the drum solo?

I could never deal with the spotlight solo.

Why does the band stop, except one self indulgent idiot who keeps playing?

All I can say is; UFO, 'Rock Bottom'.

It's a lot better when the band plays along.

You know how I feel about solos. Fucking hate them, theres no room in rock for an elongated solo. A musical interlude should work with the song, not bring it to a dead stop so that someone can have a wank. If you want to show off your chops go and play jazz. That is why I can't listen to Zepplin.
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