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Monday, April 23, 2007


After a year of putting our paper juice cartons (below) in our paper recycle bags, we got a ticket this morning, apparently they go with the plastic and metal recycle items, as I was informed by the Recycle Cop as she handed me the $25 ticket.

It's like a book by Douglass Addams; you visit a website, which sends you to another website, that sends you to a link where you can find a breakdown of what goes with what in what type of bag on what day.

Then they change it - how do you know, are we supposed to log on everyday?

These cartons are predominantly paper - but they go with bottles and cans......

It seems all the City has to do to raise some quick cash is slightly amend the rules and hand out the tickets.

Go ahead and bite the big apple, don't bite the maggots.

I heard Micheal Stipe sneaks his OJ cartons into his aluminum recycling bags. What a prick...
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