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Monday, April 23, 2007


I've been working up a mix CD for Pappa Robbie of Rock bands copping Reggae. That CD turned into two. One strictly The Clash, and one with numerous other bands. The Clash had too much to offer to the conversation. They demand their own CD.

Track List:

'Guns of Brixton'
'White Man in Hammersmith Palais'
'Pressure Drop'
'The Equaliser'
'Ghetto Defendant'
'Junco Partner'
'The Call-Up'
'One More Dub'
'Armegideon Time'
'Let's Go Crazy'
'Washington Bullets'
'Rudy Can't Fail'
'Revolution Rock'

Strictly speaking the last four are Ska.

The Clash drenched themselves, immersed themselves, in Jamaican music, and much more reverently than any of their contemporaries who dabbled with the 2 and 4........right Gordon?

Yes Gordon, we're still angry. Joe Strummer died charging 20 bucks a ticket, how much are those Police tickets again Gordon?

Pappa, you're going to have to wait just a bit longer, as now I need to take my Clash records to the studio and make the CD from vinyl, you deserve the best representation, and nothing compares, really.

make a copy for me please!
Wow!! I'm looking forward to it!! FYI, I'll be in NY on Memorial Day weekend (Sat-Wed). Will they be ready by then?
A deadline is what I need - you got it!
You'll have to give up on this reggae thing because the best and loudest band in the world is back.

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