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Thursday, May 24, 2007


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At the ESPN Upfronts, I talked to Mike and Mike. I asked them what hope a Jets fan has this year. They said, basically, the same hope we have every year - a wild card spot.

Hooey! Hooey I say!

The Jets schedule is chock full of opportunity. We will start on Sunday the 9th of September by destroying the assface bastard people known as the Patriots, and then continue to roll past everyone we meet, waylaying the likes of Dallas, Miami, Buffalo, Philly, the Bengals, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City, and yes, even the Giants.

Be Warned! The Jets are coming, and we're pulling zero punches!

First we gotta get through the summer, baseball, zzzzzzzzzzzz

I just may jump entirely on the Jets band wagon this year since Arthur Blank foolishly kept Vick and delt Matt Schaub. Vick's a dumbass.

Of course we'll hear that insipid "Who Let the Dogs Out" song all year long when in visitors stadiums. It's going to be a long year for the Falcons.
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