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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Such Potential. Great songs. Whiskey Rock. Ugly Singer. Tele Twang.

Those were the days.......

I remember the record jacket, but can't recall the music.
I was thinking of Tyla and the boys when Hanoi Rocks came up the other day... Both bands were labeled "hair metal", which couldnt be further from the truth... actually, Wikipedia hit it on the head..
"The music of the Dogs D'Amour can be described as a mixture of The Rolling Stones and Faces style roots rock and Hanoi Rocks style glam punk. Unlike popular band's of the time, who had misogynistic themes, the Dogs D'Amour relies more on romantic themes and poetic style lyrics. Tyla was also a huge fan of Charles Bukowski, and many of his lyrics, delivered with an impelling throaty rasp, were tinged with humorous irony and pathos, reflecting Bukowski's prosaic style"
It aint Warrant.
"How could anyone fall for a drunk like me...."
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