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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm leery of myths, because, well, they're mythical.

So much has been made of the influence of Gram Parsons on the 70's music scene of which I am amongst those of whom refuse to let it go type variety.

So it was inevitable that I would eventually get my due diligence in on this whole Gram Parsons thing.

First there's the whole Keith/Nellcote/Exile thing.

Then there's the whole dope thing.

Culminating in the whole O.D./stolen body/desert burial thing.

But what of the music?

I bought, on vinyl mind you, both 'Grievous Angels', and 'GP'.

It is that good.

It is worthy of myth.

And yes, we can blame Don Henley on him.

GP is woefully under represented in my collection too. I was thinking about buying this big boxed set. Is it a good place to start?
BTW... You should add Don Henley to the list of Savage Distortion hate list. I think his a dick for a couple of reasons, but you have mentioned your hatred for him him a couple of times, I'm kinda curious to hear you list of reasons.
The box set has both of the LPs I listed, plus alternate versions - looks good to me.

I hate Don, but I can't call him talentless or worthless, he's in a class by himself.
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