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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Here at Savage Distortion, we love to hate. Hate is fun. Hate keeps it real. Most of all Hate gives me something to do right now. Slow day at work.

We all know how much I hate GWB, and my seething hatred of Tom Cruise is also well covered terrain. Here's some more targets for hatred inspired diatribes.


"Eee vee oh oh, yum-o!"

Barf - O


"Ooooooo eeeeeeeee ooooooooo aaaaaaaa........"

Shut the hell up!


Why is a man with such obvious bad taste allowed to decorate the greatest skyline in the world, and, why is he allowed on television?

Please feel free to contribute more targets - other than Bjork. Savage Distortion is a Bjork Hate Free Zone. It takes courage to enjoy it......

Hate; it's what brings us together.

When I played the Bjork link, the cats began writhing in pain.

I don't know who the first girl is. I think the second one is Beyonnce?
How did the cats react to the Arctic Monkeys?

That'd be a great record review column, 'What My Cats Think'.

First worthless celeb is Rachel Ray - Food Network Clown, be glad you've been spared.

Correct on Beyonce the talentless clothing rack.
They haven't been exposed to the Arctic Monkeys just yet. They offer that tilted head quizzical look when I put the Kings of Leon record on. Me, I'm giving it a chance, get invested and see what happens.

re: Rachel Ray... Have seen her in some stupid commmercial and will take your advice to avoid her.
Rachel Ray is great! Rachel Ray is funny! And cute! And witty! She makes me smile! I love it when she says she's calls extra virgin olive oil E-V-O-O to save syllables and then says "E-V-O-O is what I call extra virgin olive oil!" I think that's a very funny joke! Because it doesn't save syllables if you say it anyway! That's even *more* syllables. Ha ha! I watch her every day! She makes me glad! Every day!
The lady doth protest too much, methinks...
TA, you lost me on 2/27/2007 @3:21P.M. Perhaps the cats are upset that you took Sexy Back..back.
Let them try THIS ONE... I am sure they (and you) will like it better.
Thanks for attempting to create a hate free zone for Bjork.. Sadly, it will not exist in my lifetime.
Did I miss something regarding the Arctic Monkeys? They are great...
Jackson, you must approve, no? The guitarist seems to have gone to the 'Andy Gill Institute of Technology' (A.G.I.T.)

Re: "I Thought She Knew", am able to ignore all the hype associated with the act and call it like I see it, a solid vocal performance of a good tune.

Re: "Big Time Sensuality" the cats and I thank you. We all had hairballs that just would come up and now, well, we're greatly relieved.

Jackson will answer for himself, but the AM's aren't bad, but for me they're just don't make memorable music. They're amongst a few bands out there now that make okay rock and roll, but I can't seem to groove to for the long haul. Jackson didn't like the Wolfmother record, but for me it was the last "new" band who made a record that stayed in the car CD player for a long time. So many others, such as the AM's have come and gone, being replaced by a UFO disc or something after two or three spins.

I'd love more than anything to be optimistic, but the AM's, Arcade Fire, Franz F., etc... will not save rock and roll from it's death spiral, nor will they earn longevity I'm afraid IMHO.
And Bjork does not put in a 'solid vocal performance of a good tune'?

What's wrong with you?

Did you go gay?

Actually I was listening to the Arctic Monkeys with Paul Daly last night over a few cold beverages.

That's the trick - beer. I was finally sold on them. Certainly much Gang of Four influence as well as The Jam, early Elvis (not Presley), and the like.

I never said that I didn't like Wolfmother, I said the record sounds digital - the hooks and riffs are there, it just lacks the old analog warmth.

I had forgotten about the events of 2/27/07, truly a sad day......
Sorry, the visual just made the Bjork thing worse. Not good.

I really don't think I'm gay, let me check... Nope, not gay.

I'll try the AM's on beer.

Stand by my op on "I Thought She Knew".
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