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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Worn White

Listing for $399.00.

Methinks I'll have a new guitar soon.

It is very yummy... I wholey endorse the purchase of this guitar. Of course, I endorse the purchase of ANY guitar.
That is amazing... I just checked Guitar Center and they have it for $399!
Impressive pedigree..
Johnny Thunders, Joan Jett, didn't Paul Stanley use one for a while too? Perhaps that was a Les Paul Junior ($2000 difference in price between the MM and Jr. !!)
I will own a white one soon, I think. It will look nice between my Les Paul Custom and my Les Paul Special..WEEEEEEeeeee
Is the diff between the MM and the Jr. single coil vs humbucker? I love these guitars, but they look like a ukulele on me.
Both single coil, but Jrs have P90s, and the MM have these thin fender looking pick ups. Also, Jrs usually only have one.
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