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Monday, May 21, 2007


Why is Youtube great? The dearth of Hanoi Rocks videos of course.

The one time the Fins were cutting edge........

If you can't beat 'em, kill their drummer, right Vince?

"If you can't beat 'em, kill their drummer, right Vince?"

Damn, that's harsh...
That takes me back... Man I loved those guys...
I cant watch the "tragedy" video without kinda freakin out about how much Jamie Pressly (My Name is Earl) resembles Michael Monroe... OK....maybe not...Yikers!
Nasty Suicide is now a pharmacist!!! Thats Dr. Suicide to you, punk!
Thanks for the memories....
I been on a Hanoi kick as of late - wish I still had that record with the painted tits, which one was that? 'Oriental Beat'? It had 'Motorvatin' on it - love that bass groove. All I have now is 'Bangkok Rocks, Saigon Shakes'.
Yeah... That was Oriental Beat. What a great album... It had "Don't Follow Me" and "Visitor" too. I forgot about that cover. It looks like it was eventually banned.. $85 on Ebay. I wish I still had my albums. I know I had the original robot "Appetite for Destruction" cover, too... Not that the records were in playable condition....Stack-em'-up!!!
Betweeen Jackson and I, we've got a decent pile of your old vinyl...
Yeah, my Obsession says PW on the label - can't have it dude.
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