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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've seen a lot of great concerts. U2, The Stones, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Bowie, Ramones, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ozzy, UFO, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Tom Petty, and there's plenty more, BUT, I have never, I repeat, never seen a better live act than Kix.

I am so psyched.

Bassist, band 'General', and main writer Donnie Purnell is still among the missing. I'll miss the way he swings his Gibson bass around, but if leaving him out is the only way to get my Kix back, hell, I'll take it.

Besides, there's no one cooler than Brian 'Damage' Forsythe, 'cept Keith, of course. I know Brian would agree.


We are so fucking going to a Kix show somewhere in the 48 mainland states! I remeber sort of ignoring Kix when you and your gang were listneing to them pretty heavy, but once I got to Maryland and heard Midnite Dynamite I was hooked. I owe you a debt of graditude for taking me to my first Kix show at the Bayou in G-Town. It was a most excellent excuse for not making classes the next day and well worth it. Maybe I'll send my little sister by the rehersals up in Frederick MD to see what's going down...
I gotta say I am bummed that Donnie wont be joining them... he was the driving force/primary songwriter. I guess the reunion wont be about new songs as much as the old, but still... He had an awesome stage presence too. I remember seeing Brian F on a 'where are they now' type show from the late 80's... he was painting billboards in LA (I think he is a veterinary asst now) He def was one of the coolest cats live... very Keith influenced presentation and great tasteful licks.
I think I will skip the reunion... I have many good memories of them in their prime at Hammerjacks.
Every time I go woman huntin
It always seems to blow up in my face
I said; Freeze, freeze
Go outside an' do that......
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