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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Tonight, in celebration of the Legal Diva's birthday, we are going to Wallse, an upscale restaurant in the west village run by an Austrian chef. I did not pick the restaurant, the Legal Diva picked it out herself. She is fond of Reislings, and German cooking. I can only bask in the glory of my extreme fortune. Since I don't know any Austrian bands, we're listening to Accept's second record, 'Accept. The name of their first record? 'Accept'.

She must love me......'

She truely must allowing you to spin an Accept record on her B-day. Please pass along our best wishes.
Jackson, you fool. Falco was Austrian! And Mozart, sort of.
Tony - get some syntax, and it wasn't her bithday yesterday - today, well maybe no Accept today, maybe I'll break out the Krokus!

Ken - and your point is....Surely you don't think I own any Falco, and Mozart was indeed not Austrian. He was German, like zee Scorpions!
You love Falco. Okay, maybe not.

Mozart was from Salzburg, which later became part of Austria. Was it actually Germany back then?
Hey hey! Watch how you talk about Falco!
Okay Ken, you got me.

Robbie, why?
Falco blows, whether he harold from Austria or Germany but I do recall that he died tragically, so I kinda feel bad about his music blowing so hard. Maybe he was a cool guy. Maybe the dude in the Safety Dance video was a cool guy...
Remember to always follow up Accept with Acquiesce.
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