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Friday, July 06, 2007


I know one sure fire way to turn off an audience, and that's to start talking about Progressive Rock.

See ya later.....

Anyway, for those of you left in the room, most Prog seems to come out of Britain; Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, Gentle Giant.......

Rush could be put into the Prog bucket, as could some German acts such as Amon Duul, and there's Australia's Can, but Americans seem to steer clear of the Prog.

Except Crack the Sky.



I don't have the critically acclaimed self titled debut, but I have the two subsequent releases, 'Animal Notes', and 'Safety In Numbers'.

I wouldn't go far as to suggest that they are some lost great band, like Be Bop Deluxe, but I do like some of their tunes. The records do get spin time, but then again so does Accept........

Anyway, if you dig progressive rock, try and find some Crack the Sky.

Or don't.

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No prog-rock discussion would seem right without mentioning Brian... He would always (attempt) to turn me on to this kinda stuff. I just bought "Metal Fatigue" because it reminded me of his Chad Wackerman-loving self. I think Crack the Sky was another one of those Brian bands.
They were really big in Baltimore... John Palumbo was a local darling. He was one of those guys that seemed to be involved in anything musical happening in Maryland...I couldn't hum one of their songs from memory, though.
I remember picking up an Amon Düül record because of the cover... It looked like it would be cool heavy rock stuff...hmmmm.
BTW... Thank you again for not posting on Marillion
Where can I get the cool umlauts?

Sombody in Maryland turned me onto Crack the Sky, I forget who, but there's something I like about them. They fail as often as they succeed, but it's honest with itself I guess.
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