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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Doing the Kiss post triggered a tangent thought about great debut records.
The saying goes; you have all your life to write the first record. That sort of explains why there are so many outstanding first attempts, but I think there's also an element of chaos theory at work. The right team in the right place at the right time.
Some of these bands would go on to make so many great records that we forget how great the first one is. For some it would be the best thing they ever did.

You can hear how young they were, and how ambitious.
'Led Zeppelin'

Got give credit where it's due, although they chose not to.
'Appetite For Destruction'

I always wished they had never made another.

'Shake Your Moneymaker'

I literally thanked God for this album when it came out.

'Too Fast For Love'

Downhill from there.


I can't figure out why these guys decided to be lame.

Now onto the comments where Tony asks why I left off the first Aerosmith record.

Appetite would have been sublime if nothing followed it.
Yeah, like the Sex Pistols.

Omitions: Iron Maiden, Rose Tattoo, Ramones.....
You may not beleive me, but I would not have suggested the first Aerosmith alum for discussion on account of their next three records being so damn good. Seems that they had four mindblowing albums stored up in them.

I just finshed reading the Rolling Stone article on Appetite's 20th annivesary (fucking 20 years!). Could agree more with you and Billion on your sentiment.

I'd have to agree with you on Pearl Jam too. I don't know why they decided to move away from Rockin'. "Once" is perhaps one of the greatest opening tunes on a record ever.

"Backstreet lover on the side of the road
I got a bomb in my temple that is gonna explode
I got a sixteen gauge buried under my clothes, I play..."
The début record thing is kind of an enigma. It is true that so many bands can't ever recreate the magic, and yes why did Pearl Jam decide to be so lame after Ten.
Sometimes the first Album created or stole (LZ) a hole new sound; Are You Experienced, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, even The Chicago Transit Authority, or was it The first Blood Sweat and Tears album.
Some Band doesn’t hit it until the second, Areosmith, Nirvana, and Live.
It took Green Day and Alice Cooper three albums.
It took the Beatles and the Stones quite a few.
Personally I think U2 kept growing, as original as Boy is, maybe a new sound as well, they grew up on Joshua Tree, maybe the best thing they ever did.
Zeppelin did the same; Hoses of the Holy and Presence blow the first album away, the Johns play as one (see post on rhythm sections)
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