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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Groove: (n) a pronounced enjoyable rhythm, (v) to interact harmoniously

Funk: (n) music that combines traditional forms of black music (as blues, gospel, or soul) and is characterized by a strong backbeat

Wikipedia has Websters beat on the Funk account.

No listings for 'skank' or 'one drop'.


I know if you look up the term Buttrock there is a picture of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.
Why don't you write the skank entry?
'd love to see him try to define the one drop & skank. Better yet, give the nyabinghi a shot.
Seems Papa has abosolutely zero respect for me. Which makes me think that I shouldn't bother.

It must be nice to infallible.
Jackson, you're usually more thick-skinned...damn. I didn't realize how delicate you were. Take a Midol man!
I could take a midol, or you could be a little more respectful. When have I ever left anything but love over at Papa Robbie Land?
Since when did you get to be so damned delicate? One would think that being a Jets fan would make you tougher....I haven't been disrespectful at all (IMO). One could argue that you were being disrespectful to THE FUNK.
I'm not sensitive, just tired of hearing the same thing coming from you. Personally I'd like to move on. We all now know your opinion of Funk, and yourself.
I think that you're hating.
I know you are but what am I?
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