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Thursday, July 12, 2007


In 1978, Johnny Thunders was stranded in England. After the dismal fiasco that the Anarchy Tour turned out to be, the Heartbreakers (not to be confused with Tom Petty's band) disbanded, and somehow, Johnny managed to get left behind.

So what does a broke drug addicted Rock Star do?

Make a record.

I don't know who he swindled for studio time, and It's unclear how he managed to get a solo record deal, but he did.

And he made this record. With a lot of help from some friends.

Listening to this record, two things are clear.

There was a party going on, and Johnny had just about cleaned out his bag of tricks.

At least half of the songs are recycled New York Dolls tunes, but the other half are inspired, if not a little loose.

Being that most things here at Savage Distortion somehow relate to Thin Lizzy, it won't surprise you to learn that Phil Lynott appears on a couple tracks.

Hey Jackson, thought you'd enjoy this post I did on So Alone a while back:


Love the record, wore out the grooves, bought it again.
I must admit that I never knew of the record until i read about it on some Thin Lizzy related site. Of course I immediately went out and bout it. I had been into both Dolls records for years but has always left it at that.

In the end the Phil Lynott stuff on So Alone isn't all that. 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memeory' and 'Subway Train' however, well I think we call that 'the shit'.
The muscle behind this record is amazing.. a few friends indeed..
Sex Pistols
Thin Lizzy
The Pretenders
The Damned
The Only Ones
Humble Pie
The Small Faces
Spooky Tooth
Jeepers... You dont see that kind of support anymore.
Did you rent "New York Doll"?
'New York Doll' was great, so sad, and yet uplifting at the same time. The suicide attempt from the third floor is calssic.
Spooky Tooth... Sounds like a John Ransone name.
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