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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When I was in Anaheim I saw Bill.
We hadn't seen each other since 1985.
We got up to speed very quickly, found the old groove of friendship.
It was really nice.
I can't say it was the same, because we aren't the same.
There's more to us now.
We spoke to each other the way we speak to people now, we've been tamed by life.
The old us was there, the old us provided the familiarity and comfort that enabled the new us to feel like the old us in the company of the new us, who don't talk like the old us, but talk about the same things.
Music, guitars, music gear, the recording of music, the playing of music in front of people..........
and girls.

It was good seeing Bill.

Nothing beats cathing up with old friends...
'cept maybe pussy, and the Indy 500.....
No conversations about motorcycles in fields? WTF!
Wish I was there to say hi... I regret my last visit to the Devine household... Bad Times!
BTW... There is always Indy 500 pussy!
Any conversation with Bill has an underlying tone that deals with Motorcycles in Fields.

Bill undersatnds bad times.

We all do.
It was super awesome seeing you again Ted. I definitely felt the motorcycles in fields vibe that was happening.

Next time you've got to make it all the way to the coast (you were so close!) for some real 80-degree in the middle of the night backyard BBQ action.

Always an open invite for everyone. And I will try and make it east before I'm 50.
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