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Monday, July 30, 2007


That's my new title. Jackson the Viscount of Jetland.

The horror of the situation in Atlanta has brought to light how lucky we here in Jetland truly are.

We know where we stand, we know who we are, and we know we're gonna pummel New England into submission, or at least second place in the division.

We've said goodbye to Curtis the Great. We honor his name, we remember his stats. Though he started his career in New England, he came over to the good side, and served well under King Bill, King Herm, but never got to carry the ball for King Eric, something I think they both wish could have happened, but knew that it wouldn't.

We know Chad is healthy, and that he CAN make it through a season.

We know that Chicago gave us their best player - fools!

The grass is greener here in Jetland, and I can't help but feel bad for our neighbors who seem a little Blue.

Soon those little girls who play that game with the stick and the ball, and the little baby girlie gloves they wear so they don't hurt their precious little girlie baby hands when they catch the ball will be done with their silly summer sport.

Soon it will be time for kings.

Stay tuned subjects, stay tuned........

While I don't share your distain for baseball, with August marking the turn towards the greatest season of the four, I can't help share your early pangs for football season. I try not to get too ahead of myself with it, but the sports section of the AJC has been running football stories again as both pro and college teams prepare for camp. It's like I'm a kid waiting for Christmas.

While there's a great deal to say about my college teams, well, the Falcons will be sure to bore us to death this year.

They had a Vick supporter rally yesterday down here that drew a hundred or so. Dogs or no dogs, the dude sucked and we're better off going with DJ Shockly if you ask me.
I though you guys got Harrington.
Yeah, but I think Shockley's got game. He was at UGA behind David Greene (although they gave him 1/3 of the reps running this funky offense) and had the Dogs for only one season solo after Green left, but the guy's big, arm like a rocket, and most importantly, not DUMB! I like that there'll be good competition for the QB slot in camp this year, but with a new coach, new scheme, new QB, bevy of untested receivers, etc... The Dirty Birds will measure just above comical this year.

When do the Jets come to town? Maybe a good road trip date. I'd gladly pull for the Jets for that game.
You're delusional...The Jets will continue to defy the laws of physics by sucking & blowing simultaneously.
I'd be willing to wager that the Jets end up with a beter record, and have a better post season than the Cowboys.
I'm with Jackson... Let's put together a decent wager with Papa on this.
I'm always ready to take some money...
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