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Friday, July 13, 2007


She said this.

They said this.

Any discussion or action taken by Pelosi et al before the Sept. date is nothing but the dems trying to make up for being so weak after their assumption to the majority. Their approval rating is lower than the Presidents for good reason. None of this BS matters and it's nothing but politics at it's worst. The dems greatest fear is that operation Arrowhead Ripper actually works and Petraus and Bush actually show progress. The last report (the actual report, not the thoughts of media shitheads) while not glowing, does indeed outline positive results. Who knows what will happen before now and then.

There's also this unavoidedable truth... Bush got us into this mess and for that he will suffer some form of disgrace as you've been gnashing your teeth about for 5 years, but when the dems get this war, my gut tells me that pulling out will not be an option for them given what will surely result from the vaccum it will leave (Turkey has amessed 150,000 troops on the northern border).

My thoughts...
Good for Turkey, let them go in. Let them all kill each other.

Progress on shit is still shitty progress.

Who cares if the region is unstable....oh yeah, the Bush family does, because their benefactors the Saudis do. What was their name again, Bin something....
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