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Monday, July 23, 2007


It was my intention with my Joe Walsh 'Funk # 49' post to discuss the use of the thumb to bar the strings of the guitar across the neck. Not to discuss the perceived funkiness or un-funkiness of the song.

Clearly it is not a funk song.

I should have said as much when Papa Robbie took over the school bus.

Instead, Tony and I went down the 'Aw, c'mon, it's a little funky' road.

Well, apparently it's not even a little bit funky - in terms of what Funk is and isn't according to the gospel of Papa Robbie and the Legal Diva.

Okay then.

The road Tony and I should have gone down goes something like this:

The song has nothing to do with Funk in terms of how that word is used in a musical sense. It is about smell, as in; that smells funky.

'Out all night, sleep all day
I know what you're doing
If your gonna act that way
I think there's trouble brewing'

I think the title of the song is a play on Chanel #5.

When somebody smells like a binge drunk, they are wearing Funk # 49.

It's all about the '#' sign. It's part of the title; funk number forty-nine.

I have no proof, but I think Joe would back me up.

Anybody got Joe's number? E-mail?

Go to http://www.joewalsh.com/ and click on the ask Joe column.

Here is some new style electronic funk for ya!

I knew that The Legal Diva would help you along. If you fake the funk, your nose will grow.
Sorry, but I have to disagree with the two dissenters here. Funk #49 is very funky especially the guitar parts. If it makes your head move in a circular motion, it's funky in my book. While we know JB and P-Funk are grand masters of the form does not mean that nothing else qualifies. I can play the the Guitar part for Funk #49 having learned it at the school of Frankie, and can say that way it plays inbetween the bass it qualifies. Is it "Flashlight"? No, but it's funky nonetheless. Bachman Turner-Overdrive, now there's some shit that is NOT funky no matter how hard they tried.

I believe the title came as a result of not having a proper name for the groove when they wrote it, hence why there's a Funk #48 and more than likely many other Funk #XX's.
who put the funk in Funk & Wagnalls?
It's definately not a fugue, although given the times and the artist's state of mind, maybe Fugue #49 would be a better title. Let's rename it, Joe won't mind.
Tony, you're funkless aren't you?
Papa, you need to get your flux capacitor checked dude.
Tony,you need a trip on the MOTHERSHIP. You been hanging out with Sir Nose & you don't even realize it.
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