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Monday, July 16, 2007


Way back when, Frankie showed us how to play Funk 49. He used his thumb to bar the strings, saying; this is how it has to be done.

Here is eveidence that Frankie was right. I guess YouTube is good for some things.......

Thanks for the link. I have been listening to Joe all morning; you can't hear Funk 49 enough. The Crossroads concert was a good one. Will listening to Funk 49 over and over again it is a good idea to mix in Rocky Mountain Way.
I was watching Joe play it with the Eagles, Glen Frey was like a Kid in a Candy store, and I think I even saw Don Henley smile.
Joe is the man, plain and simple. I youtubed some stuff, foubd some of the crossroads stuff - "I'd like to dedicate this next one to all the people who never get anything dedicated to them....' LOve it!
One of the best shows I saw last year. Blogged about I think. I'll see Joe everytime he's in town from this point on.
funk 49.... sweet! great link.
As a disciple from the Mothership...I have one question. Where is the FUNK in Funk 49?
As the Chili's say; 'If you have to ask, you may never know'
The song is interesting, but funkless.
Okay Mr. Smarty Pants, define funk. Because that shit is fairly funkified.
Funk cannot be DEFINED dear sir. Funk is a feeling. That song is FUNKLESS.Parliament-Funkadelic,Eddie Hazel,Bootsy Collins, and Roger Troutman are dipped deep in funk. The fact that you used the term "funkified" proves that you too are funkless.

While all those you've listed are indeed funk masters, if you can't hear funk in 49 you may want to have your flux capacitor looked at. The audio on the Youtube blows, so get yourself a copy of the James Gang disc that it appears on and check the bass groove again. If after doing that you fail to hear any funk, I'm going to have to conclude that Joe must have picked on you as a little kid or something.

BTW, Glad your back. Haven't heard from you in a while.
I know what you're really trying to sat Robbie....
Tony, I'll listen to it again...Jackson, what am I really trying to say? lol
Okay, I listened to it again and at best it's funk-lite. It's like the O'Douls of funk.
.....uhhhhh....back pedal, back pedal......uhhhhh, nothing.

Hey, it's funky in a pre Pfunk (1970) white boy from Ohio way.
It might be pre-Pfunk...but it's WAY after James Brown & The JBs, and on the funky meter Joe scored a 2 out of a possible 10. Like I said, it's all relative. Perhaps your funk capacity is lower.
Perhaps your Funk snobbery quotient is a bit high......
And if Joe gets a 2, how do you rate the Carpenters? Muzak? Bing Crosby? I dare say, considering the grwat lac k of funk in most modern music, you'd have to give Joe at least a 6.
Sorry, Joe gets a 2. You can't try to get him default funk points man! Funk snobbery it is not. I'm just a disciple of the funk & Joe Walsh's tune ain't ON THE ONE. The Carpenters and Bing get a negative 9,999 on the funk meter. Tom Petty gets a negative 900 billion on the funk meter.
Now you're just hatin'....that's okay, I hate too.

I forgot, I have been warned about your inability to admit that your are wrong.

That's okay too.

You do have your redeeming qualities.
And it is too on the one, of the four beats per measure, the downbeat it the first - the one. It's all on the one, unless it's Reggea - you of all people should know that. What seperates True Funk from not funk is how much you dynamically seperate the one from the three. In Rock the one and the three are virtually the same, like the two and the three in Ska - One Drop is the Funk of Jamican music.
Sorry about the spelling.
I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, the the thing is that it doesn't happen very often. You must've gotten that from the fountain of misinformation known as Jennifer. Thanks for the music lesson, but I know my Funk elements man. The song ain't funky. Go ahead and pull the plug on the ventilator for the horse man.
Funk snobbery and and inability to listen to something unfamiliar. Yep, USED to be that way myself... WHEN I WAS A KID. A little hatin' mixed in too.
Hey, whatever you gotta tell yourself so you can sleep at night Robbie.
Tony, I have no problem listening to anything unfamiliar. This is about what is funky and what is not....and the damn song IS NOT FUNKY!!! I happen to think my musical taste is very eclectic. Jackson, I happen to know how many FUNK albums you own. LOL. My music collection is VERY eclectic. I'm sure that there are some truly funky songs that I haven't ever heard before...this isn't one of them. There were millions of people all over the world that thought that Pat Boone's rendition of Tutti Fruity was actually good...I'm willing to bet most of them never heard the original. Get that diluted pseudo-funk outta here man...and take Tom Petty with 'em.
Hate combined with arrogance, what a killer combo.
In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions.
Well at least you can admit it.

Okay, enough, let's be pals. I'll blog something to make you happy - soon......I promise......
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