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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Flipping through the channels last night, I came across a pre-season NFL game. It was San Fran and the Vikings. I didn't watch because those teams bore me, but it was a comforting thing to see.

Go Jets.

The Jets will be sucktastic like they have been since you were a small child. Nothing will change.
I hope you like the taste of those words, they're what's for dinner come post season.
Holla at me when they get that Superbowl ring count up. It's been 38 years man!
Don't sweat it Jackson, Papa's Cowgirl's organization is in as much turmoil as M. Vick's Bad Newz Kennel business.
I love it!!!! Is it Sept. 6 yet? bring it on Jets and cowgirls...Roma is already played out!!!!
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