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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I finally made it back to Eat Records.Coffee, a used vinyl store in Greenpoint near Smoke and Mirrors. The first time I tried to buy some records there, I was put off by the fact that the guy who sells the records wasn't there to do so. I wasn't there for coffee, so I left empty handed. Yesterday, I made a second attempt, and though I was successful, I didn't enjoy it much.

These people are sitting on a cache of vinyl, a rich vein for me to mine, but they suffer from Hipster-itis. They can't be bothered to get off the cell phone long enough to ring up my purchase. It took forever. Sure they'll serve the other hipsters coming in for coffee and scones, but god forbid somebody actually wants to buy any of the vinyl.

This is what's happening to Brooklyn, or North Brooklyn at least. The Far East Village as I call it. The hipsters invade, up go the coffee shops, and up goes the rent. If you don't have a tattoo or a piercing, you don't count, and you're going to wait for your coffee, your beer, or your vinyl.

Anyway, enough of my griping, here's what I got:

CCR - Cosmo's Factory

What is certainly one of the worst record jackets in Rockdom hides one of the greatest LPs ever made.
This one is hit central: Travelin' Band, Lookin' Out My Backdoor, Run Through the Jungle, Up Around the Bend, Who'll Stop the Rain, Heard It Through the Grapevine.

Zappa's 'Mothers' - Just Another Band From L.A.

Billy the Mountain, Call Any Vegetable, Eddie Are You Kidding - The height of the Zappa/Kalen/Volman era.

Be-Bop Deluxe - Sunburst Finish

Again, I have this one already. I was pretty sure I did, but I got it just in case. The jacket is in better shape than the one I already had, so, again, Tony, you have a copy of this fantastic LP waiting for you - I'm keeping the nicer one.

The Beatles - Rock n Roll Music

A mid-seventies compilation, I bought it for the nostalgia. My brother Rod had this one, and couldn't resist, besides it has 'Hey Bulldog' on it, which I don't have.

Before I went to Eat Records.coffee, I went to Ear Wax in Williamsburg. I had parked the car in front of the store, and on my return I figured I'd go in to check out the Funk.
Ear Wax is good if you are looking for specific items, like the Dusty Springfield (In Memphis) I picked up there.
They had what I wanted.
Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove

Okay, Robbie, have at it...........

nothing worse than Hipster Cooligans - they only look out for their own.

Great record choices - I agree with you on the CCR record cover - truly one of the most hideous record covers for a great record.

Be Bop deluxe - awesome.

I am most interested in the zappa record, band out of LA is great listening.

very cool choices.
Ahhh the tragically hip.

My seven years in SF as a blond rocker living in the lower Haight were tough.

I think maybe I smiled too much.
They think they're so cool, so hip. I got news for them, I'm above hip, I'm waist.
Don’t sell our self short, I think you are abdomen.

Very nice picks, I had just another band from LA on tape, it is long gone, but I used to listen to that thing on my rides up to Boston in the Vega.
Sunburst Finish... such a great album.. I have not heard that in almost 20 years...
Blazing Apostles is one of the best guitar songs....
Such a cool tone.
Bill Nelson is in the top 5 list of underrated guitarists of all time.
One Nation is the best!

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