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Thursday, August 02, 2007


I don't buy a lot of 'Greatest Hits' albums. Not because I disagree with the concept of consolidating the highlights, but because so often the track selection has glaring omissions. When it comes to picking the tunes, well, I'll be the judge of that. I'd rather make my own, as I often do.

We all know how I feel about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. His two CD set 'Anthology' goes to great lengths to include deep cuts, and while 'Wild One, Forever' is a perfect example of a great forgotten track; where's 'Something Big'?

I would never make any TP & the HBs mix without 'Something Big'.

Prince too. His three CD set 'Hits' does not include one of his best tunes - 'Money Doesn't Matter'

It's clear that these people need me as a consultant.

Sometimes I can't complain though.

This past Christmas I was given 'Up From the Catacombs', the Jane's Addiction compilation.

'Whores', and more importantly 'I Would For You' from their independent self titled debut made the cut.

There is justice.

I would say Beach Boys Endless Summer is a near perfect "best of" for all the pre-Pet Sounds music.
'Up From the Catacombs' doesn't include '1%'. Baaa.
No, it doesn't have '1%', but it does have 'Ocean Size', which is the greatest Jane's song ever. You could play 'Ocean Size' for my grandmother and it'd make her get up, jump around, and break some shit.

Nothings Shocking: while they made other great records, it is their most masterful IMHO.
My problem with the Jane's CD is not what is doesn't have, but what it does. They felt obligated to include three songs from the resurrected Jane's incarnation. Without Eric Avery, it's just not the same, but the Bob Ezrin stuff sounds so completely different than the Dave Jerden stuff.
'and the Bob Ezrin stuff, not 'but the Bob Ezrin stuff - sorry.
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