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Friday, August 03, 2007


It's not all black and white here at Savage Distortion. In fact, it's hardly ever that simple. Sometimes there are people who I hate, but I love their work, and then there's the converse - folks who I like, but their shit is shit.

Don Henley and Glenn Frey.

Hate 'em. I think they are jerks. Arrogant uncool dickheads.

But I love the Eagles. 'New Kid In Town', 'Take It To the Limit', hell I even love 'Lyin' Eyes' which is such a powerful song, it is capable of making the Gotham Gal walk out of a restaurant if she hears it.

Chrispy hates the Eagles too. I can't hate the product, it's just too good. I hate the men instead.

CC DeVille.

I love the guy. He's so entertaining. I can't help but enjoy watching him in the shitty Poison videos.

I hate Poison. I think they are crap, and largely responsible for killing Rock. What's with the drummer? Have you ever noticed that they do the slow motion sweat dripping off the long hair thing in every video? Just a horrible band, and by the way, not every rose has a thorn. There are thornless varieties of roses Brett. And while we're at it Brett, 'Rock of Love'? Listen, Brett, Flavor Flav is an entertaining guy, like your much abused band mate CC. Flavor was able to carry his show on the strength of his ability to entertain. Your looks alone don't cut it Brett, and what's more, if you actually let us see your bald head instead of doing the bandanna/cowboy hat thing all the time - all the time, you'd get more respect.

So, you see, these are very murky waters here at Savage Distortion.

I couldn't disagree with one word you said. Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn: I think both are horrendous dicks, but I enjoy the hell out of their work. The list can be endless. It's rare that someone's penchant to be a dick will make their craft unappreciateable, but there are a couple, but I just can't think of them right now.
Gee, outspken liberal activists, of course you hate them. People should just keep their mouths shut about social ills, right Tony?
Being outspoken or an activist does not make one a dick in my book. One can be one or both of these things and still garner respect from those who may share opposing opinions (might even make a pennitrating point every now and again). Being a sanctimonious hypocritical blowhard who beats women is another story and by my definition: a dick.

Example: Bono who, for the most part, holds firmly to his beliefs, is an activist, but maintains an even dialog which seldom aliens anyone no matter what side of the issue one is on. The guy actually gets stuff done and doesn't have to burn flags or insult people to do it.

The other extreme, Bill Mahre who I can't stand to listen to for a single fucking second he's so sanctimonious.
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