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Monday, August 13, 2007


That's the Smoke and Mirrors motto.

It's been the thru-line of my adult life.

I've been involved in making a lot of records, as an artist, engineer, producer, musician, writer, and composer, and, not to devalue those records, I've never had the sense of accomplishment I felt when George handed me my copy of the House of Blondes record - the VINYL pressing of the new House of Blondes record.

In the words of George Vitray; "This is why we do it".

Certainly this is why I've been doing it.

To hold in my hands a gatefold 180 gram vinyl pressing of a record with my name on the credits, and then to pull out the LP and place it on my turntable and listen to the music I helped make fill the room as God intended.

I'm proud to be associated with this album. It's very good.

I'm proud of John, Mike, and Paul. I'm proud of George, and I'm proud to have a partner as talented as Chris.

Yep, I'm a proud guy.

Congratulations to you and all the guys at S&M! The tracks sound great. How do I get a vinyl copy? The link specifies CD. I'll take it, but I'd rather have the perfect form.
Limit run of Vinyl. Not sure can get any more. I'll look into it.

ya know vinyl sounds great, it's awesome to hold, liner notes are easier to read. Most important if you are like me (and I have a feeling you are), You hate the raisins in raisin bran!
Record sleeves (especially the double albums) make great raisin bran cleaners.
Just pour the raisin bran onto the cover and shake it around (or use a card) and those pesky little raisins roll right to the bottom and the yummy bran stays on the cover!

Not sure if you knew this or not, you seem like a bran lover...

Great cover as well as band name.
Remember Tony, you are still on CD moratorium!

(the Mrs.)
And I'm an impressed girl!

Do think, as well, that I might not know the Bic lighter/bottle opener move?

C'mon man, respect the Jackson.

Because you are such a great guy, and because your analogy was so superbly crafted, and because hUe.F.O. is the most awesome concept I have ever heard, I will forgive.

Actually I prefer the raisins over the bran in the literal sense.

I once got a box of Cap'n Crunch w/ Crunchberries that was all Crunchberry. That was sweet.

Jackson knows all the tricks my friend. All of them.
I dont know if I could handle the Crunchberry overload.
They were the tart-a-rific second cousin to Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch's delicious little sweetened corn and oat treasures.. A perfectly balanced product.
Do not try the new chocolate version, though...
El Mucho Yucko.
True cereal artisans have been absent since the 70's.
Sorry...got sidetracked there..
WOW. Sounds awesome.... every instrument is ultra-clear and defined...
Color me impressed too!
Ever consider remastering some of your past stuff?
I've got some past stuff that would be interesting to mix/master!

"Oxfords and sawdust, L.L. Beans wet dreams, and cows ain't cash if you know what I mean..."
you still have the masters to that?!
I would love to hear some of that stuff for shits n' giggles.
Didnt we have a terrible attempt at "Rabbit Fighter"?

I've got it all dude. Dumped every 1/4" multi track tape to 16 bit ADAT the first day I hooked up my studio after construction was completed. I mixed some stuff to a compilation CD I'll dig it up and make you a copy if you like. E-mail your address to me and I'll see if I can get it done before I box everything up for the move.
Awesome!! I sent my address to your email!
ADAT backwards spells TADA!
Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch is the true path to enlightenment.

I have not heard this alleged 'Rabbitt Fighter' cover.

My 'old stuff' wouldn't bear the clarity of any tweaking, beasides, it wasn't recorded with any clarity.

Time is a problem as well...
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