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Thursday, August 09, 2007


We had a flood at S&M.

That sucked.

New York was fucked by the rain.

It sucked.

Floods blow... You might want to leave all the equipment on while it drys out to prevent condesation in the components.
I don't think turning wet gear on is a good idea.
I got flooded out a my space to. Lots of soggy cymbals and pedals.
So sorry to hear that, when I saw the news I thought of you.


what a bummer

Sorry that you guys had a flood but take Legal Diva lead, she made the most of the day...I agree please do not turn on any wet equipment!
To clarify, DON'T turn on gear that got wet, but if the gear didn't get wet, and the carpet did, keeping the gear on will keep condensation from forming inside idle gear while the carpet dries out. Condensation inside electrical components can ruin stuff.
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