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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Try my new game. Put the label on the matching asshole.
Here's a hint, it's a trick question. Each one is a bigot, a liar, and a madman.

I was going to do a post about the Iranian Prez's visit to Columbia, but wanted to see how it went first. I'm glad I held off.

There was no need at all for me to rail about his assholiness. In the glaring light provided by our nations freedom of speech his psychosis was pretty much on display for the world to see. No gays in Iran huh? No holocaust huh? Women are the freest members of Iranian society (except all those professors in Iranian jails) huh? Want to visit ground zero and pay his respects huh? Is there anybody out there including the most liberal of all liberals who doesn’t understand that this fucking guy is completely off his rocker? If his address wasn’t so filled with hatred, it would have been comical. No Al Jazeria editing to simmer his vileness.

He will have a bomb in five years. How do you sit down and negotiate with a jerkoff like that? I’m not a supporter of attacking Iran at all, but I’m glad the folks at Columbia gave him a chance to come here and make an absolute ass of himself without us having to lift a finger. I think we all now know who we’re dealing with.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is all of the above. The guy is exactly what Lee Bollinger described. I am a little torn about his introduction, though. Why would Bollinger give Ivy League credibility and provide a stage under the "premise of freedom of speech" but then proceed to make an introduction that doesn't reflect the goal of facilitating speech? It didn't feel right.
In the interview I saw prior to the event Bollinger said it was to be a 'classroom', and hinted that a schooling would be dealt out to Mahmoud by the students....

....but lets not forget, A-jad is not realy the leader of Iran - the Ayatollah is, A-jad is more of a jester used by the real powers that be to throw the west off the scent of what is, like any other, a theocracy opperating in the guise of democracy.
I heard he is a really shitty tipper too.

Also, I guess the loophole in the Iranian law is - "it's not gay if you wear a condom".
I think he's hot.
Clarkie says: "I think he's hot."

In that "I can't wait to get home and beat my wives" kinda way.
A schooling??? Perhaps I missed that part. Other than Bollingers initial comments, Ahmadinejad was treated like a rockstar... I heard a lot of audience applause during his speech.. not to mention Columbia dean John Coatsworth's nauseating smile and handshake at the end.
I didn't watch it, I just saw an interview with the Dean or whoever, and I saw the blurb where he claimed Iran to be homosexual-less. There was laughter at that.
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