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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Shut up already!

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas and the new double standard, bitch.

Thug 4 Life.

So this dude rambles at John Kerry, Kerry actually asks to answer his questions, yet you're telling him to shut up? What happened to all that stuff we heard from you about public protest when Sheehan got booted from the State of the Union? Or, when those protesters were asked to leave the Dick Cheaney event here in Atlanta last year?

I'm thinking of a word that starts with "h" and ends in "pocracy".
I thought law enforcement was ONLY to use tasers if their lives are in danger... seems a little over the top even though the dude was being somewhat of tool.

Speaking of the first amendment (and this kind of relates to Isiah). did you read the latest on Larry Craig and ACLU? Apparently, the act of "hitting on someone for sex" is protected speech and therefore his guilty plea should be thrown out.

Speaking of lurid bathroom sex (this relates to Juice). I hope he gets busted attempting to get money out of his off shore acct. - That way the goldmans will get some cash and OJ's bitch arse will rot in jail. I would love to see justice finally served in this 13 year old case.
From what I understand the student wouldn't shut up long enough for Mr. Kerry to respond, he just kept ranting, and there were a lot of students on line waiting their turn, and when he was uged to yeild the mic, he went all spastic.

Maybe the use of tasers was a bit much, but if he had said his piece and allowed the forum to take place as planned, none of this would have happenned.

It's not the same, specially since we're talking about John Kerry, not Cheney or Bush or any of the war criminals. I mean, what did this guy think he was going accomplish?
I don't know man, he didn't come off anymore batshit then any of the other shouter downers that show up to GOP events and get the boot. I think they're all rude, which is my point.

I still don't think the guy deserved to get freakin tazed though. You can watch the whole Youtube from beginning to end and judge for yourself.
I have watch the YouTube tape of “Yo bro don’t traser me” and I also watch his Harry Potter tape and its one thing that is clear about this young man he is an Attention Seeker !!!! What is wrong with using the time allotted to you to make your comment? What is so wrong with respecting law enforcement? When four cops cannot get the handcuffs on one jerk, there is a problem and we can use the traser, the stick, or the flashlight…I think this jerk got off easy. If I had been in uniform that day, his balls would have been traser! GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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