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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Tonight, the inevitable crumble of a giant will begin as the Saints destroy the Colts.

On Sunday:

Denver beats Buffalo. Champ Baily will play all positions simultaneously.

Jacksonville beats Tennessee.

Washington beats Miami.

Carolina beats St. Louis.

The inevitable crumble of a giant continues as the Jets destroy New England.

I gotta pick Minnesota over ATL, not exactly happy about it.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland.

Philly over Green Bay - I'd like to see Brett do well, and since Philly made the huge mistake of sticking with a crippled QB maybe they will.

KC over Houston........I guess........I've got my doubts about Herm these days.

Tampa Bay over Seattle. That's right, I said it. Jeff Garcia, 5 teams in as many years, you go girl.

San Diego over Chicago. Good year for SD, bad year for CHI.

Detroit vs Oakland. Can both teams lose? I'll pick the Raiders for nostalgia sake

Giants vs Dallas. See Detroit/Oakland - sub Giants for Raiders

On Monday:

Baltimore over Cincinnati.

Arizona vs San Fran - again? Hmmmmm, okay, a coin toss.........here goes........if heads - Arizona Wins.....Tails! San Fran.

Gee, Monday Night sucks.

The only thing more lame then the vikings this season are the viking fans...

you should change that pick.

so far sunday's game is not sold out (first time in over 10 years) it will be blacked out in our area - which is fine, I'd rather watch Melrose Place reruns on the SOAP channel.
I can't change a pick, but hey if ATL wins, fine then, not much difference to me.

Welcome to my world for the first 12 years of life here in ATL. Not a local game on TV until we got Vick, the only exception were the few games leading up to our super bowl fluke a few years back. The Vikes have some promise though. Hell, the Dirty Birds have promise too. Without Vick's over rated ass out there we may actually move forward.

The team to watch? Detriot. They got Calvin Johnson and that guy could catch any pass thrown within 20 feet of him.

if the Jets beat the Patriots, I will come out to Brooklyn and take all the Smoke and Mirrors crew to Fat Pig (or whatever its frenchy name is)
to celebrate of course, with pitchers of beer in apple cider jugs
It'd be nice to see Detroit do well.

It'd be nice to see the Falcons 'move forward'.

It'd be nice to have beer in apple cider jugs, hell, I'm there if they lose.....
Saints are losing big in the fourth......I think this Peyton guy might be for real.......with some practice he may have a future.......Damn! Dynasties, hate 'em.
Yeah, yeah, we'll see how I do overall.

Yep, the Jets have had quite a number of shitty seasons, and that shows that I'm a true fan. I route for the hometeam come what may.......Now, let's talk about Robbie and Dallas, last time I checked you don't live there......
Is that all you got? A feeble attempt to backpedal into a music conversation? Lame, Sir Ellington, Lame.
What about the Browns??? We know Eagles rock but.....
Shit, i missed your pick about the browns...I hope you are wrong... for my sake!!!
I'm always on the one Robbie, evry single one.

I don't know who you are 'anonymous', so therefore I hope all your teams lose, and that Papa Robbie starts an argument with you.....
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