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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Aha! I knew it! Those bastards cheated! The Patriots have shown their true colors by cheating. A Patriots employee was caught videotaping the Jets Offensive Coordinator during the game.

I've always known that the Pats were linked to the Bush administration, and this use of 'Homeland Security' type spying seals the deal.

I feel a little bit better, just a little.......

Agreed, it is pitiful that a team with all the talent needs to cheat as well.
It's pitiful that you actually belive that I actually believe that the Pats need to cheat to beat the Jets.

Nobody needs to cheat to beat the Jets.
That's all great, but it looks like the commish is pretty serious about the charge.
As he should be, as I am, you called Reggie Bush a cheater - but this is actual cheating, clear cut, red handed, cheating.

Fucking Pats.

Try and keep up Robbie, read the post agan....
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